About Us

The Step Group, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of disposable gloves aimed predominantly but not exclusively toward the North American foodservice channel. To initially build the Step Group our owner brought in a technical advisor who formerly oversaw quality assurance functions for one of the world’s largest QFR chains. Our owner then hired our VP of Sales & Marketing who had devoted his earlier career to building sales programs involving disposable paper and plastic packaging items sold to both foodservice and retail channels. Together, the concept of the Step Group began to emerge.

Our technical adviser helped establish a high standard of quality for our products to be built upon. Our VP of Sales and Marketing initiated a steady path forward to develop our customer base, seeking both high volume drop ship container purchasers, as well as establishing a distribution point in the Midwest to be able to support smaller pallet load purchasers. The company’s Bolingbrook, IL warehouse serves as this distribution point. A secondary purpose provided by the Bolingbrook distributions center, is the assurance to larger container load customers of the availability of a back-up supply of product to bridge the supply chain between container load deliveries coming in from overseas. Our warehouse is AIB approved for storage of food product as well as direct food contact items like gloves, paper plates, napkins etc.

The company has now broadened its offering to now include:
• Vinyl
• Hybrid Stretchable PE
• Latex
• Nitrile

Today we are selling gloves into restaurants, beauty supply distributors, paper distributors, school lunch programs, and to retailers to meet the growing need for food safety and hand protection while preparing foods and cleaning in homes. To further our acceptance by our customer we realize the importance of servicing their delivery needs on a just-in-time basis, communicating order status all along the way, to keep our customers in-the-loop.

We understand the customer’s need for continuity of quality at or above our established specification levels. To assist in the maintenance of high quality we monitor quality assurance all through the production process, and finally we spot check packed finished goods on a random basis before the product is loaded onto international shipping containers, for transport to our customers throughout North America.

We hope to use these basic concepts to build our customer base, broaden our distribution network, further develop our SIRIX brand line of goods, and assist customers in the development of their own private brands, provided they meet our established minimums.

Look for us to establish and further develop our line of SIRIX brand of disposable products across North American. Disposable gloves will soon have other disposable companion items that our customers may combine into their container load orders, to assist them in making their minimums. Come join us as a Step Group customer, because we cannot establish our intended growth without your support as a valued customer.