Our Factory

Vinyl Glove Factory

• Location: Shandong, China

• Became ISO9001 Certified in 2008, FDA approved for direct food contact in 2003

• Follows Good Manufacturing principles required to qualify for AIB and direct food contact products i.e. gloves

• Operates from multiple glove production lines, to assure continuity of supply

Hybrid C2 Factory

• Location: Shanghai, China

• Glove Description: Hybrid gloves contain no vinyl, no latex, no powder and are made from a polymer blend that yields extra strength, stretch ability, flexibility while providing a form fit to distinguish it from “oversized” poly gloves. All this at thinner gauges to provide saving in raw material, and savings in lower cube and thinner gauge packaging.

• Hybrid gloves conform to FDA guidelines for direct food contact; our factory is BRC certified and meets SGS guidelines by being free of any heavy metal content.

• Because of the thin gauge construction with lower packaging cost, these gloves provide an economical “plus” for those customers seeking cost effective alternative solutions.